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Welcome to Coklat Comel, our little friendly shop that makes hand made, home made, halal and very high quality chocolates. Oh, and they're cute too!

Help yourselves to the scrumptious, flavourful, delectable, delicious, halal chocolates (phew! that's a long list of adjectives..) well, at least their photos for the time being and then ORDER!

Like we always say in Coklat Comel:


p/s: We are constructing this website as we go along. However the info in this web is reliable and correct. Please bookmark us and come from time to time for our latest products and info, ok? Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We currently offer these flavourful combinations:


Lovey-Dovey Strawberry

Milk chocolate with strawberry filling

Midnight Orange
Dark Chocolate with orange filling

Black or White

White chocolate with coffee filling


Almond Rose
Milk chocolate with almonds

Sweet Cashew Dream
Milk chocolate with cashew nuts

Sunflower Swirl
Milk chocolate with salty sunflower seeds

Just Chocolates

Milk chocolate pralines
Dark chocolate pralines
White chocolate pralines

You can choose to have one specific flavour or even 2, in a box of your choice. Or you can have a mixture of everything in one box. It's your call!

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